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Our Company

Licensed and experienced

The company was established ten years ago by a group of 3 individuals (duly licensed Exterminator and Fumigator by FPA, Certified Food Safety Manager by National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation [NRAEF] & National Registry of Food Safety Professional [NRFSP], and has 33-year experience in pest control industry) that aims to provide rapid solutions in a manner that satisfies client’s requirements using the latest technology and methodology, thus the name RAPIDPEST PEST CONTROL SERVICES.

The RAPIDPEST service team that is well trained, experienced and highly equipped; commit themselves to deliver optimum results to eliminate your pest problems in an environment-sensitive way.  We are equally committed to environmental and public health.

RAPIDPEST specializes in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program (cockroaches, rats and mice, flies and mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, bed bugs, wood borers, dust mites, and other crawling and flying insects), Comprehensive Termite Control (Pre and Post Construction), Integrated Sanitation Management Program (Kitchen, Dining, and Restroom Intensive Cleaning), Specialized Cleaning Services (House, Floor & Carpet), Training & Consultancy, and Disinfection & Sterilization to address all hygiene and sanitation needs of customers.

Trained and highly equipped

Why choose RapidPest?

We render high quality standard of services at the most affordable price.

We guarantee works the safest ways (reliable service, effective methods, safest products, and well trained technicians).

We give after service support 24/7 to assure that future infestation will be prevented.

We assure you of our transparency & professionalism.

What does RapidPest do?